Horticultural Lighting

Solving the world’s food and energy challenges by revolutionising greenhouse lighting

Professional grow light solutions comprised of LED hardware and cloud-based software. Empowering growers’ control over yield, quality, and plant characteristics.

Enegrow, an Enevis company, is the exclusive partner for the US grow lighting manufacturer Lumigrow, to market its sophisticated LED lighting solutions in Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia for large scale glasshouses, research facilities and horticultural applications.

The economic benefits of protected cropping are significant, delivering multiple times the yield of a traditional crop. Lumigrow lighting is the next revolution in protected cropping, delivering further quantum increases in yield and quality.

LED grow light technology has the potential to vastly improve yield and quality vegetable, floral and medicinal crops grown in greenhouses and controlled environments. Lumigrow technology has profound applications in emerging markets such as cannabis, aquaponics, urban cropping and large-scale plant nurseries.

Lumigrow’s highly developed and proven technology is widely used in North America with more than 20,000 fixtures controlled in the cloud for 150 customers and over eight billion individual datapoints collected to provide critical analytical information for optimising crop production and informing future product development.

The smart lighting and adjustable spectrum LEDs enable growers to precisely control all of light’s characteristics from any smart phone, tablet or computer, tailoring lighting environments to match the stage of crop yield, quality and consistency, without the use of chemicals or additional land.

Growers worldwide are deploying smart LED lighting solutions to improve crop yields while reducing energy costs. We take into consideration all aspects of your cultivation facility and growing style, so you can be assured your lighting strategy is custom-tailored to meet your growth goals.

Benefits include;

  • Material increases in yield
  • Vastly smaller land use
  • Higher quality produce
  • Higher returns for farmers
  • Consistency in quality and yield
  • Pest and weed control
  • Energy and water efficiencies
  • Better flavour and longer shelf life
  • Growing out of season produce
  • Reduced impact on the land
  • Foreign plants in local area
  • Close proximity to market for transport and labour force

Enegrow works with talented engineers, software developers, plant researchers, and thought leaders in an explosively growing industry and science. The promise of inspiring growth for our employees and empowering growth for our customers is the driver behind the exciting and mutually beneficial partnership.

The Enevis business platform contains the sophisticated electrical, lighting and IT skills and knowledge, as well as the corporate services, to support the deployment of state-of-the-art LED lighting systems such as those developed by Lumigrow.